Providing effective solutions to our customers to contribute to competitiveness by providing products and technical assistance.


Improasa is oriented to provide various products and differentiated technology with the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of our customers. We have a focus
business to facilitate business between related companies in the meat industry value chain.

About us

Import and export

We are a company dedicated to distribute, import and export raw material, packaging, machinery and equipment.

Our products

Animal and vegetable proteins, native and modified starch, vacuum packaging, film, industrial ovens, kettle, spry dryer, condiments, preservatives, markers, stabilizers.
Improvers, injection brine, injectors for fresh meats, meat mills, stuffers, centrifuges for bovine and milk blood, centrifuges for fetal bovine serum, Nuggets and hamburger makers. Turnkey slaughterhouse and swine slaughterhouse equipment.

About us

We represent manufacturers of raw materials and equipment of recognized worldwide prestige providing specialized technical assistance and technical support contributing to improve the competitiveness of our customers.
We have a work team with extensive experience in the food industry from assembly of machinery and equipment as well as related to quality management, HACCP, processes
and formulations.

Our services

  • We develop integral blood separation projects in bovine and pig slaughterhouses
    adult and its commercialization, as well as other by-products.
  • We develop quality management system, safety life study and Haccp.
    We develop market for your brand integrating knowledge and market intelligence
  • We develop integrated environmental management and audit systems
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